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05:41am 02/07/2007
  Alright faggots, here's the score.   I signed up for  a live journal thing what?  The  end of 2002? Perhaps the beginning of 2003? 

In any case I just wanted to say you folks are AL-L-L-L  dorks.  I like to think that nobody will even have a chance to read this, because you've all moved on to better and more enlightening things (AKA myspace.com).  However,  the smarter bit of me knows that just isnt so.   I suppose all i can submit to anyone who may read this is: "GET A FUCKING LIFE!".  Has the thought ever occured to one to maybe, say, keep an actual private journal that is comprised of paper and ink?.  Or is it best to simply post all of your personal opinions, gripes, and miniscule details of your daily life?    Actually, anyone who still uses this is probably using it, mainly, to get dates.  But i cant believe they even left this thing up  for so long, and i'm still able to post.

Of course, I  do realize the irony of this "post", and it does bring back fond memories.  Ohhh,  to be young again.  Dont think this is some sort of suicide note, its just like, the last entry on here until maybe i get really drunk and post again in a few more years..  And I've gradually  realized, as i was typing all of this, the very act of typing this, has made me nostalgic for  the years of old, and when livejournal was way cool.  I almost feel like a terribly debauched Walter Cronkite.

 It does bring back memories, though.  Oh boy, just skimming over this thing i am reminded of Amy, Dayleane, both craigs, Nick, Atom, Justin Dorsey, a couple of Ex's and a multitude of LJ acquaintences.  By this point i can't even tell if i'm angry at technology, you,  myself,  or at  Father Time. But what follows (I have suddenly realized),  is;  honestly, legitimately, sincerely true.

I love all of you.

and this is

-Francis Michael Rocco Salatino

signing off.


I certainly would have made a sexxy girl.

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So lets take a ride, and see what's mine   
02:34am 08/06/2003
mood: you're gonna miss me
I watched 'captain ron' last night...what a HORRIBLE fucking movie (as i had expected.) It did bring me a few laughs however.

We also watched some weird movie called PIN..it was pretty disturbing and mildly entertaining. Finally I got to see hamsters fucking like rabbits..oooo the craziness of it.

Now im back home, which kinda sucks cause im the only one home and its lonely.

Viva Dancers Royale!

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08:39am 06/06/2003
mood: sick
Wanna know what sounds really bad right now? A milkshake...or anything dairy for that matter.

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05:49pm 05/06/2003
  press eject and give me the tape.  

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"have you heard? It's in the stars...next july we collide with mars"   
08:42am 05/06/2003
mood: horrified
Well me and amy had a top secret mission to go on at like 6 in the am..but my alarm clock failed to go off and i woke up at like 630 somthing..so i called amy but got no answer.

I woke up from a really horrid and vivid dream that i feel should be recorded before i forget it cause it was so wild.

I was on some kind of road trip thing by myself, and i stopped at this sleazy creepy gas station in the middle of nowhere to buy cigarettes. The place was like full of cars though.. so i went inside and i bought cigarettes..then i like grabbed an extra pack cause the clerk wasnt looking. I then hastilly exited the store and somehow confused a shitty pickup truck for my car and tossed the cigarettes in the window. Then i walked to my car and realized what id just done. So i got in my car and started following the car i tossed the cigarettes in to see if i could get them back. Before i left though, a bunch of very familiar looking women started leaving the store and getting in their cars and leaving. As i was following the lady in the pickup truck, i realized where id seen them all. I'd seen them on some tv show about people who were like murdered in a grizzly fashion and the killer was never caught, including the lady who had my cigarettes in her car. For some reason though i continued following the lady and then eventually got her to stop, right in the spot where she was found brutally murdered... So i got my cigarettes from her and thought to myself "Wow i hope since i intercepted her she wont get murdered now." Then i got in my car and saw her drive away..But my car wouldnt start, and i knew right then that i was going be killed instead. Then all of the sudden my vision went dark and then i couldnt move. And i wasnt in heaven and i wasnt in hell. I was still conscious but i couldnt move my body at all, and all i could see was like a cloudy dark brown..like it looked like a sheet of paper that had been painted with dark brown water colours, and it had a blacker than black mystery substance steadilly dripping down the center. Then i woke up. It was so real and creepy. Last week it was some david copperfeld shit in my dream and now this..I wonder what the hell caused me to have such a bad and strange dream.

Somethings been troubling me a lot the past few days so hopefully that will be resolved in one way or another. I'v been writing in this thing so much lately, i feel like such a loser... at least i dont take it too seriousely..like at least i know its stupid.

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should i stay or should i go   
12:16am 05/06/2003
mood: see last entry's mood
So today i met diana at the mall. Then we met up with Amy. Then me and amy went to dennys where, after being yelled at by some deucbag couple for attempting to snatch 10.00 off of a table, we reflected in a most humourous fashion on how pathetic our lives are, speaking in a 3rd person narrative.

I will demonstrate by recounting yesterday's events.

The time is 7:00am.. Frankie is still awake due to the ridiculous ammounts of coffee drank hours earlier at dennys. After watching an infomercial, e decides to get online and drink other pot of coffee. He spends the remainder of the day being bored and eating bagels. That evening frankie gets online and takes an internet journal quiz, then puts up an away message informing the public that he is quote, "In his room sticking it to himself." Thirty minutes later he emerges from his room and remembers he has forgottten to take his chicken pox medicine, so he does that, and spends the next several hours submerged in a vortex of boredom.

I just pee'd only to find that there is still a price tag stuck down my pants that i put there earlier. I am somewhat shocked to see that it still says '4.99.' I hoped that i might appreciate in value.

My hair is starting to get kind of afro-esque, im thinking maybe i should get it cut.

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drive my rocket/i cast you out 666.   
07:00am 03/06/2003
mood: coffee
Well it seems all the JOE i drank has kept me awake. I kid you not, it's precisely(sp?) 7 oclock in the morning, and i havnt had a single drop of sleep.

So i was flipping through channels at like 6 in the morning and i saw some christian infomercial type shit of some crazy lady promoting her boook talking about all the instruments of evil people might have in their very own houses such as eastern art, buddah statues, pokemon cards..even YOGA is evil acoording to this bitch. I guess if you're flexible enough to go down on yourself that makes you in league with the pagan master. There was also some mention of an evil goddess named DIANA.. i kid you not, i heard the lady say it several times..there was some goddess named diana. The lady also suggested that if you have an evil artifact such as the items listed above and they are valuable, then you should sell them to a pawn shop or somthing and give the money to your church. But if that stuff is so evil than why would you want to sell it to somebody else and put THEIR soul at risk? I mean if you really believe something is evil, you shouldnt just pawn it off on somebody else.

Anyway today i dont think ill sleep. Im drinking another cup of joe.
I cant wait till friday.

For a good time dial 637-0483.


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a cup of joe   
01:15am 03/06/2003
  Tonight was fun. I talked to joe earlier, and plans were made to goto dennys and drink unreasonable ammounts of coffee. So at 9ish I met joe at the mall, and we waited for Diana to get off work, and for Amy to get there. Once they arrived, we went to dennys, and met Adam and Robbie, and me and joe both enjoyed a cup of joe. Soon Jackie got off work and came to meet us, and we sat around and I drank more coffee. Then i went home and now im watching forensic files.

unhealthy relationships rock and/or rolll!

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"im..waiting for Diane..26 dollars..in my hand."   
01:09am 02/06/2003
  So tonight I met up with Diana at the beloved CR Mall, and while Veronica and Shelly were seeing "Finding Nemo" we got some ridiculousely priced chinese food (26.00 for the both of us.) Goddamn, for 26 dollars I would think its "one of those chinese restaurants where they jack you off."

Then we went back and got Veronica and went to some girl's house for like 15 minutes.

It's too bad Diana's name isnt simply "Diane".. Then the title of this entry would be a lot more funny.

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The Importance of Being Frankie   
02:31am 30/05/2003
  i had a crazy dream last night that i went to orlando with diana and david copperfield was performing at like the social, and i had seen him before (in my dream) so he remembered me and gave me two free tickets, so i bought him a scarf and some chocolates as a present and then i woke up and was disappointed that i really didnt get to see david coppperfield..but then i remembered that i have no interest in seeing david copperfield so i wasnt disappointed anymore

thats a true story too, i really had that dream last night.

oh yeah the circle jerks and gbh are coming in july..but whats even better is CRADLE OF FILTH is allegedly playing sometime later....hahaha if tickets are cheap who wants to goto that for laughs? seeing all the 14 year old-mallgoth-dungeons and dragons playing losers who will be there will most definatl make me and any of my friends feel tough.

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porn in the usa   
07:00pm 29/05/2003
  ahh im incredibly bored.
call me?

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a corncob pipe and a button nose, and 2 eyes made out of coal.   
01:33pm 24/05/2003
  Well yesterday was somewhat uneventful but it was still fun. I met diana at the mall at like 5 somthing for our hott date, and then we called joe-blow who was supposed to call us later, but never did. Then we drove around, and went to the movie gallery to see andrew, and i went to the tobacco depot next door and bought a corncob pipe and some nasty pipe tobacco, then stood outside the window looking at andrew smoking th pipe. Then we did a whole lot of nothing for about 2 hours and finally gave in and went to dennys. Never again.  

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09:21am 23/05/2003
  woohoo.. after a week of worrying horribly all of my stupid health tests have come back. I can happily say that i do not have leukemia or the hiv. Every time i goto the doctor the nurses ask me if i do needle drugs and ask if they can check my arms for trackmarks..i do not get it.

Also i have some crazy chicken pox type thing for those of you who i havnt told..which is probably nobody becuase i make sure to tell everyone so people dont think iv got some crazy contagious rash.


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The Death of a Salesman   
01:27am 11/05/2003
mood: enthralled
Well much happened in this past week. Mainly that i got a job and quit it already.What was the job you ask? It was selling knives door to door for cuntco (cutco) knife company. I actually endured one day of excruciatingly long training (5 hours to be exact, which i was not being paid for,) then the next day i went in for my next 7 hours of unbearable training, and i spilled coffee on my shirt, and i was 10 minutes late so i just decided that selling knives was not for me..becuase really it's not..how many of you would buy a knife from me? Not to mention this job really conflicts with my dreams of either creating something useless that will be adored solely for its aesthetic qualities, or to make a living by expressing my negative views. Cuntco apparently has a rule against negative attitudes, and the job entails selling USEFUL things, such as knives that have a FOREVER warrenty..thats right, when you purchase a cuntco knife, you do so with the knowledge that many years down the road when you're rotting in the earth, that knife will still be as sharp as the day you bought it..theres somthing very unsettling about that..Just think, when the world is destroyed and all the people are dead, there's just gonna be a bunch of indestructable cuntco knives littering the earth.

They also had kitchen shears that could cut through a penny..seriousely, i saw them cut through a penny! Who the fuck needs kitchen shears that can cut through a penny?! "Here ma'am, shake hands with the cuntco super shears! They'll handle all of your money destroying needs!"

The lady who hired me was really nice though, and thanked me for coming in to tell her i quit instead of just not showing up..and i figured my mom just finished nursing school and already got offered a job that pays 19.00 an hour (and thats before she registers as a nurse,) so i figured if i dont find a job soon, i can always continue to leach of my parents until i find one.

So after i quit i still had on my square dress shirt and tie so i figured i could look for a job, which went surprisingly well.. I guess when you 'dress for success' it actually works. The cracker barrel told me that if they dont call me back by monday than i should call them back because if they dont call me it just means they've been too busy. Also toys r us is hiring and they told me to call them back on monday. And i applied at barnes and noble, starfucks, fye, and the gap who told me to call back in a month cuase they might be hiring then.

Later that day (yesterday) i went to see dayleane at work, which was nice cause i hadnt seen her in a really long time, then i went to see diana at work which was also really good cause i hadnt seen her in like over a week due to her grounding. Then i waited for diana to get off work and while i was waiting some dumb cunt kids at kmart called me a faggot...then i was walking back to kmart to meet jackie after she got off work and again they said "Hey Mr. Queer" (very imaginative) so i went over to them and said "Well first of all im not gay, and second of all i know a lot of gay people who could kick your ass, and would if you said that to them and they said "why are you looking at me" and i was like "cause one of you just called me "Mr. Queer." and they were like '"None of us said anything so just keep walking." I Was seriousely hoping they'd all kick my ass or somthing so then they'd recieve a harsh brand of justice for kicking my ass because i'm a "Faggot." I wasnt even dressed in girly clothes and shit..and like i find it ironic that it was 2 guys at the mall together calling ME gay, when i was there to see diana, who is a girlll. Not to mention the fact that if it had been just one of those guys there they wouldnt have said anything becuase..they just wouldnt have..and they were probably like 16 or somthing anyway.

Not to sound conceited but i think a lot of the time when people call me gay its cos they're jealous or somthing..like maybe not those guys, but just guys who liked girls who liked me have often said 'Oh you like that kid he's such a faggot!" It doesnt even bother me if somebody thinks im gay, what really bothers me is facing the fact that some people are so stupid that they actually harbor that much hatred for somebody just because they're gay/black/muslim/whatever. When i hear people making bigotted comments about specific groups i usually just think "They cant really believe what they're saying." So its bothersom to be reminded that some people really do believe stuff like that, and really are that stupid.

Later i saw jeomar outside the mall and me and him waited for jackie to get off and then we went to Andrew's house and saw andrew, zach, amy, casey, stephanie, and andrew's date.

Then today Diana's parents let me come over, which was cool cuase i got to see her outside of a 5 minute window at her work, so we watched tv and saw an alice cooper video, and then went outside and sat ona hammock, and then went for a walk and then watched forensic files cos we're super cool.

When i got home i called amy to see if she wanted to hang out and we went to appelbees and saw jeomar and some people and then we went to dennys...*shudder* dennys..its like a bad habit or somthing..we always say "IM NEVER GOING TO DENNYS AGAIN!" but yet we end up back there. It was really nice to hang out with amy cos i havnt really seen her in like 2 weeks, and we like talked about 'old times' and stuff..even though the times arent really that old cause we've only been hanging out since like last semester.

In conclusion today was really grand.

OH yeah and i definately want a bunch of us to stay in a sleazy hotel soon for lots of debaucherous fun.

I really really love all my friends, and i hope all of my friendships are as enduring as a cuntco knife..


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02:00am 05/05/2003
mood: awake
I just got home from the cramps..it was so great. The first band, Fantasie was really good, and the gore gore girls can goto hell.. Watching the GG Girls' guitarist's jiggly legs was more hypnotic than watching a lava lamp.

Lux Interior was wearing some horribly tight snakeskin outfit that made his entire 50 somthing year old package visible, and when he curled up into some crazy fetal-esque position he had like a male camel toe (i hate that expression,) or somthing.. so i spent most of the show staring up poison ivy's skirt..shes old too but her face was the only part that looked like it's been ravaged by time. It was so crazy..the singer kept sticking his hands in his pants and drinking cheap wine and sticking the microphone in his pants and then sticking it in his mouth, and scaling the amplifiers as the security guards watched with angry looks on their faces and going crazy...i kept expecting somebody to come out and say "THIS IS NOT PART OF THE SHOW, LUX IS GOING ON ONE OF HIS SENILE RAMPAGES, WE HAVE TO GET HIM HIS MEDICATION!" I could picture the security guards standing on the balcony with the crosshairs of a gun over his face and saying "I'V GOT A SHOT, I THINK I CAN TAKE HIM OUT!"

After it was over we couldnt find ryan or andrew so me, craig, nick, and veronica got some food and sat around for a while and then left. Diana called me today which was nice, we talked for a while and then she had to go cause her parents got home.

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menstrual cramps   
11:54pm 03/05/2003
  Ah! I cannot believe how cool the faint show actually was..i thought it would blow so hard, but it was actually really fun. I spent the night at Nick and Craig's house and Nick, Ryan and I discussed the demerits of Captain Ron; The main one being that its a god-awful fucking movie. Then today i drove nick back to CC to get his car, and didnt really do anything after. Tomorrow im going to see the cramps.  

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"I'm in love, i just cant wait..tonight..I HAVE A DATE!"   
01:56pm 02/05/2003
  so tonight i have a hot date with nick, and 2 jugs of pee.
Get ungrounded diana. Quick.

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school's blown to pieces   
10:22am 01/05/2003
  I'm finally done with school for the summer. It actually went by pretty fast this year. I just got a whopping 9.00 from selling my music appreciation book back, which i paid 75.00 for used. Now im going to eat.


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In short.   
04:44pm 28/04/2003
mood: cheerful
To sum everything up:

Friday was crazy. Bryon and Joe's show was really good. I'v been completely straight for almost 2 weeks, im gonna explode. "I'm the pot bot! The bot who loves pot!" Andrew is super funny. "It's the glamour drug, you're a movie star!" I have an iron liver. I have stitches in my arm. I called a doctor a motherfucker. Amy is a really good friend. Diana is pretty. Saturday was fun. Andrew's ancient wine makes you throw up. Nintendo is fun. Sleepover at andrew's house sometime soon. Sunday was also fun, i hung out with Diana, Bryon, Joe, Veronica, Zach, Andrew, and got to see Nick, Craig and Ryan and hear their cd, which is really good, and features a secret track where they exclaim "BEER!" English exam in one hour. I'm going to The faint on friday. The cramps on sunday will be grand. Wednesdays my last day of school.Happy 18th birthday, April! (I got you a present but havnt wrapped it yet..I'll drop it off at your mom's house tomorrow.) I want everyone to start hanging out again. I love andrew, he's really funny. In fact here are all the people i love: Amy, Andrew, Zach, Dayleane, Bryon, Joe, Atom, Jeomar, Katharine, April, Robbie, Diana, and some other people.
peace in.
peace out.

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Princess Di is wearing a new dress.   
02:23pm 24/04/2003
mood: words cannot describe.
Iv been wearing the same socks for 4 days and they still smell clean. I made carey smell them and she can testify that they smell clean.

If you ever want to feel like dying then all you have to do is see the truth of how replaceable people really are. A lot of people say things like that lightly, but whatever i say, i mean it. The most appreciation and attention one gets in his entire life is at his funeral anyway. If i could live to see any event in my life, it would be my funeral.

On another note i was looking at some old photographs in an album today and i realized how bad i look in photos, and have come to realize that cameras dont capture the beauty, nor the ugliness that people's personalities exude. Some people can look ugly or unnattractive in real life and look wonderful in pictures, and some people can look wonderful in real life and look hideous in pictures. Looking at somebody with one's own eyes is the only way to know if they're ugly or beautiful.

I really need to talk to anybody who doesnt have a penis right now, face to face. But there is nobody.

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